Welcome to Zikiya Wok

Zikiya is the first restaurant on three floors in Venice. Here you can come and discover the tastes of Italian, Chinese and Japanese in three formulas that meet different tastes: the ground floor and first floor offer a buffet formula with no limits: perfect for those who want to eat on the fly or want to taste many different things without limits of choice. There certainly is a very wide choice of food of Japanese, Chinese, Italian and international.


The Buffet

The atmosphere is easy and friendly, perfect for a lunch or dinner with friends. The seats are numerous, and on request we can prepare tables and special events. On the ground floor the buffet is self-service, you can get up and choose from the multitude of dishes offered. On the first floor, always at the same fixed price of 12, 90 at lunch, 19.90 at dinner, you can order without limits from the buffet, still sitting comfortably. We have two types of customers: those who have to eat fast and those who have more time and want to relax. In fact, we can please them both: you can even stay here all day, we will send you not away but we will rather appreciate your company.  have a full omega 3 rich meal !

Hours are non-stop from 11:30 to midnight. We never stop!

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041 520 2766


Venezia Strada Nuova 4394 30121 Venezia

Opening Hours

Open from 11.30 to 18.00 and from 18.30 to 23.30