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Zikiya is the first restaurant on three floors in Venice. Here you can come and discover the tastes of Italian, Chinese and Japanese in two formulas that meet different tastes:

On the second floor the top level sushi, the menu is a la carte, the dishes created with care from the sushi samurai in an infinite variety pf selections. The room resembles an ancient Japanese Dojo, the lights are dim and quiet and warm: perfect for entertaining dinner for couples, family or friends. The menu proposes several choices: huramaki, Temaki, hosomaki and more. The second-floor sushi are more elaborate and sophisticated, and always meet the expectations of the best Japanese food lovers.

With the loyalty card zikiya you can have a discount of 10% at every meal.

Along with the card you will receive the card stamps that once filled all  10 spots allow you to have a free meal to use or wok or sushi at the Japanese restaurant. Whenever you terminate the stamp card you can request a new one. The free meal is worth up to a maximum of 80.00 EUR on the total, exceeded the amount the difference will be simply applied.


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041 520 2766


Venezia Strada Nuova 4394 30121 Venezia

Opening Hours

Open from 11.30 to 15.30 and from 18.30 to 23.30 pm